Sam and I have started a new naptime “routine.” Instead of forcing him to take a nap (which will usually last 3 -4 hours or result in a very grumpy boy if I wake him “early”), I have started making him have a 2 hour “rest time” in his room. He might not nap but it gives me the “sanity break” that his naps afforded me and so I don’t mind. He is not supposed to get off of his bed and I have a battery operated baby monitor that I keep with me so I can “spy” on him whenever I need to. He has really enjoyed reading books while he is in bed. Today, he decided to read a book called “I Want My Mother” which is about a little boy searching for his mom and all these animal moms come up and tell him they are a mom and he agrees but they are not “his” mom. It is a really cute book. Anyway, I recorded what I heard through the baby monitor- you can clearly understand him saying “knock knock” when each animal comes to see him and when he says “I want my mother”- it is too cute! Hopefully, I will get one of him reading the “Legend of the Candy Cane” because he reads enough of the words in that one for someone unfamiliar with the book to get the point.