I am loving this age right now.

I needed to type that to remind myself of that fact when I am tired of timeouts and other disciplinary actions due to failure to listen.

However, I really do love this age. I love that Sam is speaking more and more. I am still frustrated in that other people can’t figure out what he is saying and so I still have to be an interpreter but, it is getting better. I know it will improve SIGNIFICANTLY once my weekly Bible study and MOPS start back and he is spending 2 – 5 hours a week with other verbal kiddos his age. WOO HOO!! He is saying some funny stuff though and currently this is my favorite…

(he just picked up a rock in the parking lot and started petting it) “Ohh, rock… I know… I know… it OK”

He frustrated me so much one morning this past week that I started crying. He came up and have me a big hug and said “Ohh, mommy… I know… I sorry… I turn me ears on now…” It was so sweet!

What I lack in compassion (I admit it- I am naturally not a very compassionate person), Sam makes up for it and more. He cares about everything!! When he thinks Peeper is upset, he tells him “I know, Peeper…” and gets this adorable concerned look on his face. He tried to help a rock out of the road when we went on our family walk tonight and then got sad that he couldn’t pick it up since it was actually part of the pavement. πŸ™‚ I hope he stays this compassionate because I know he can do great things for God with that kind of heart. It makes me jealous and also convicts me.

He is napping in his own bed now. Ha Ha! You’d think he would be- he is almost 3. πŸ™‚ However, he has always napped in our bed ever since we bought our house. I don’t remember how that got started but, just like other “bad” things that come with raising a child, that habit has been broken ridiculously easy. We’ve been SOOOOOO blessed with having an easy child. He basically potty trained himself in a week, he gave up nursing easily, he gave up bottles easily, separation anxiety really hasn’t been an issue, etc. Basically, all those “horror stories” that mothers of preschoolers share, we don’t have any. I really thank God for that because He knows how much I can handle and I think He knows that would send me over the edge. πŸ™‚

He is going to bed at night by himself, too. Yeah, another thing he should’ve done months ago. We have a nice routine established and it is successful with me, Travis, and my aunt. πŸ™‚ I really like the “aunt” part because that encourages me that other people besides Travis and I can do it. Maybe one day, we can have a babysitter come over and Travis and I go out without being concerned about bedtime for Sam. πŸ™‚ He is VERY routine driven and so we get dressed for bed, brush teeth, and read several books. We read his Bible story from the Jesus Storybook Bible, then another Bible story from this other Bible (it is super short so sometimes Travis reads the whole thing), then his book of the week (currently either Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? or Brown Bear, Brown Bear”) followed FINALLY by going to the bedroom to read “The Legend of the Candy Cane” by flashlight. Once we are done reading all those books, we say a prayer and then walk out his room. It is sooooo easy. I know that others would recommend shortening the book list but, it is all done in less than 30 minutes and, besides, I don’t think there is anything wrong with reading lots of books. πŸ™‚

In speech news, Sam is done with the first “phase” of the state program he is in. Therefore, this means that the speech therapist won’t come to our house anymore. 😦 Sam is kind of sad about that but he has qualified to continue into the next phase and will continue getting speech therapy but it will be at the Louisburg Media Services Center (or something like that). We went this past week to meet with Mrs. Bonnie and she evaluated his ears and speech to get an idea of what goals to set for him. Sam REALLY liked Mrs. Bonnie and randomly asks to go to per place. I keep telling him that he has to wait until he is three and then he can go- to which he quickly reminds me that he will be three on “doughvember toonty”. I thought that for him to continue on, he would have to go to a local elementary school for a full day preschool program but, thankfully that is not the case. Mrs. Bonnie explained that to be eligible for that he would need the speech delay and some other delay which he doesn’t have. He tests off the chart for everything else. While she was evaluating his speech, he started counting in spanish and she had to remind me that he was there to work on his English. HA HA!! I think he will be evaluated on a year by year basis for this program and once he tests “normal” (he was 4 points off this time) then services will no longer be necessary. I hope it just takes him this upcoming year to “catch up”- he has had his tubes for a year now and the speech improvement has been amazing and quick so I think he should be able to do it.

That is the news that I can quickly think of. Now on to some pictures…
This past Thursday, Sam and I wore our USA shirts because they had their football season opener that night. If I am completely honest, I hadn’t planned on Sam wearing his shirt. When he was getting dressed he picked out his Canada hockey shirt but, before he put it on he pointed at my shirt and said “no, me wear my Amama durt” and went back to his closet and pointed to his USA shirt. I think it is funny that he wanted to “match” me.

From September 2011

I love that he still sucks his thumb when he gets tired. I was trying to wake him up one afternoon and so I started taking pictures with the flash. I didn’t wake him with my first picture but apparently my second one did the job.

From September 2011

Today was Travis’ first time to witness the new nap routine. Sam read his books for almost 2 hours before falling asleep. I checked in on him and this is what he looked like…

From September 2011

However, he is NOT allowed to nap past 4pm because we want him to go to bed before midnight. Therefore, I went in and woke him up. I thought that informing him that he could Skype with my parents would wake him up- I had to carry him into the living room, then he sat in my lap and kept trying to go back to sleep, he talked for a bit and then hopped down when they said they were going to go and he climbed into the recliner and not even a minute later he looked like this…

From September 2011

I also love that he is willing to try almost any food we give him. Granted, some of the GF recipes haven’t impressed him too much but, he will still eat enough to make us satisfied that he won’t get hungry later. Tonight, he ate shepherd’s pie and despite the face he is making, he really liked it. He especially “wuffed” the mashed potatoes- a mixture of sweet potatoes and red potatoes. As a person who REALLY DOESN’T LIKE sweet potatoes, I have to admit that the mashed potato part was really good. Of course, the rest of the recipe was delicious too- I was just very impressed with the mashed potatoes.

From September 2011

In case you are wondering, in the above picture Sam is wearing a winter “coat” and it is NOT because our house is cold. I leave our AC set on 78 but, apparently, he got cold playing with his train in his room while we were fixing supper and doing laundry that he broke into his closet (he was baby locked) and got this shirt down and put it on. He is so funny.

One funny video before I go- last night, Sam went back to Jumpin’ Beans to play. To say he had a blast would be an understatement. Travis actually got to witness Sam’s meltdown from not wanting to leave. Sam is so pitiful! πŸ™‚ Anyway, here is the video I made. Don’t worry about the man Sam is playing with- he is a professor at SEBTS and was a professor at NOBTS before moving up here so we’ve known him for awhile.

If you’ve made it this far (and even watched the video)- THANKS!!