I have declared September to be Operation: Organize Buckingham Palace month. By the end of the month, I want EVERYTHING in our palace to be organized, neat, easy to find, and labeled (if appropriate!) This may seem like a lofty and unobtainable goal but I beg to differ. Here are my reasons:
1- Sam sleeps in his own room during naptime now so that opens up organizing our closet while he is asleep- not an easy feat when he is awake since we store our movies in there.

2- Sam FINALLY understands the concept of playing in a room other than the one I am in. Thus, he will play in the living room while I work in the kitchen.

3- Sam is spending a week with his Mum Gail and Papa Earl later this month and that will give me 40+ hours (mornings, afternoons, evenings) to organize our 2nd floor- aka The Attic. I can hardly breathe when I think about how much “stuff” is up there in a haphazard way. Thankfully, there is also the WF consignment sale this month so HOPEFULLY I can pull out the consignment sale stuff and deliver that in time for it to get sold. Woo Hoo!!

I did one “big” project this afternoon and thought I would share.

I organized my cooking area better. Since being diagnosed with CD, we rarely eat out since it is so much easier and stressless to fix stuff at home that I know won’t make me sick. Well, due to all this excessive cooking I’ve been doing lately, I have figured out that I don’t like where things are stored- i.e. not convenient to me while I am cooking, or just difficult to find what I am looking for. I solved that problem today.

This was the corner cabinet before I got started…

From September 2011

It wasn’t messy at all. However, it was full of the serving dishes for our pattern and we don’t use them often because when it is just us most of the time we serve ourselves out of the pots they were cooked in. Therefore, I pushed some more towards the back and relocated the two big 9×13 dishes on the bottom left. I then added all of our dishes to that cabinet and stacked Sam’s dishes on top with one of those nifty stacking shelf things. It is kind of crowded but the things we use DAILY are easy to acquire and that is what matters.

From September 2011

This is what the bottom lazy susan cabinet looked like before I emptied it out and relocated its contents.

From September 2011

Then I moved my pots that were stored above the stove, on the stove, below the stove, and above the cabinets into the lazy susan cabinet. They are crowded but now, instead of climbing to get what I need at times, I just spin the cabinet get it out and shut it. No more bending over for every random spice/oil/etc. and no more standing on tip toes lifting heavy pots that are stacked on each other. NICE!

From September 2011

Finally, in the cabinet that previously held our dishes, I relocated my various cooking liquids and spices. I like the accessibility of this. The spices had mainly been stored in a drawer beside our stove and it was kind of difficult to find the needed spice sometimes- which drove me nuts. However, I did NOT want them on the counter because of space issues. We thought about using a tiered shelf unit but then decided on something much more compact and more vertical- my “spice rack” can store 18 spices in a compact space. I actually have enough room to put two side by side and still store a couple of smaller items on the shelf as well. This is my favorite cabinet because FINALLY the chaos is organized.

From September 2011

The last thing I did was move the plastic ware that stores stuff with gluten in it to above the stove. This is also where I moved the Desert Rose oval shaped serving pieces as well. This is the after picture…

From September 2011

I am so glad that my kitchen is better organized and more efficient now. I celebrated by going out to eat! HA! We went to Moe’s which is almost religiously our Tuesday night dinner locale since it is Sam’s favorite restaurant and he eats free on Tuesdays.