I didn’t do a lot of new foods last week- we mainly just pieced together our meals since it was the last week before Travis got paid. On Labor Day, we went to a cookout with some friends that we’ve known since our NOBTS days. It was quite fun. My contribution was a potato salad that was gluten free. Yeah, I followed the recipe obsessively, the potatoes slid off the fork the way they were supposed to however, when it was all put together and I tried a bit of it the potatoes still had some crunch. 😦 I asked Travis about it and he tasted it and said that the last time he had potato salad similar to mine it had a bit of crunch too. Therefore, we assumed it was OK and we took it to the cookout. Yeah, we brought most of it back home. HA HA HA! I think everyone else thought it was odd that the potatoes crunched. Oh well… I am not offended. I really liked the flavor of the potato salad and will probably make it again. However, I will DEFINITELY cook the potatoes more because I do not like crunchy potatoes.

Here is a picture of our salad- it was a sour cream and dill potato salad with red skinned potatoes.

From Food

Also on Labor Day, I made some GF pancakes using a pancake mix but following a from scratch recipe. If that doesn’t make any sense, here is what I did. I used the amount of flour stated in my recipe from a Bob’s Red Mill pancake mix and then added all the other ingredients from the recipe. These pancakes were REALLY GOOD. They were MUCH better than our first batch of GF pancakes (using the recipe on the BRM pancake mix bag) because they were light and fluffy- like normal gluten-full pancakes. WOO HOO!! I don’t remember how many pancakes Sam ate but he devoured them.

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That’s it for my food experiments last week.