We flew back to NC from Gulfport, MS. One of the lady’s in a store there gave Sam a sucker since it was almost Halloween. He enjoyed it while we waited on our flight from Gulfport to Charlotte to arrive.

From October 2011

The flight to Charlotte was easy and non-eventful. I read a book and Sam enjoyed Dora the Explorer.

From October 2011

We had to almost run through the Charlotte terminal to get to our gate for our short flight to Raleigh. Then, once we got there, we discovered it was delayed to a maintenance issue. We FINALLY got to board (about an hour later) and THEN we had to sit some more and wait for an opening in the line for departing. We sat on the plane for about 45 more minutes. This was HARD because Sam wanted to get up and move around and we couldn’t watch any movies or play with the iPod yet. However, we FINALLY got up in the air and landed in Raleigh about 30 minutes later. Whew! We were so glad to be home and to see Travis and Peeper again.