My Aunt and Uncle recently moved to Georgia. My dad, Sam and I had yet to see their new house. Travis still hasn’t seen it so I thought I would be funny and take a picture of their house to show Travis what he was missing.

From September 2011

HA HA! For those of you who don’t know- this is Chateau Elan, a winery in Georgia. Hee Hee! However, I never did remember to post the picture to Facebook or the blog for Travis to see. Oops!

Anyway, we ate supper at their house that night and got a tour of the house. It is really nice. For some unknown reason, I never took a picture of the house though. I did take pictures of their back yard. I really like their patio and garden.

From September 2011

Their fountain was turned off because they found a small leak in the liner. I think that if I lived there I would be completely worthless if the fountain was on- I would just sit by the water and listen/sleep/relax. The previous owner was apparently an avid gardener and I think my aunt is set if she wants to do a square foot garden. She could grow TONS of food with this set-up…

From September 2011

Saturday morning, we packed up (AGAIN) to finish our trip to Mississippi. My Aunt found an adorable Peter Pan costume for Sam to dress up in. He enjoyed running around the house in it that morning.

From October 2011

One thing I enjoyed about this leg of the trip was that it was Saturday and there were college football games on the radio. Georgia played at home that day but, unfortunately, the game started after our radio was out of reach. Another thanks, is that even though Auburn was playing in Atlanta, we were going against the traffic and didn’t have to deal with that once we crossed the line into Alabama…