Also, known as the night we crashed (rather late) a MOPS Smores Night.

Every year, my MOPS group has gotten together to make Smores. This was the first year we’ve been able to go though. I was SOOO excited. I put on my calendar that it was from 5 – 7pm. Travis got home, we ate supper, and were on the road by 5:45- giving us plenty of time to roast marshmallows and play with MOPS friends. However when we got there, only a few cars were there. It was cold so I figured that a lot of moms and dads decided to stay home. We got out of our car and headed towards the fire pit. We talk to some people and shortly found out that the actual party was from 4 – 6pm. HA HA! OOOPS! We all got a good laugh out of it and, thankfully, the Bashams still let Sam roast a couple of marshmallows. We headed home shortly after that though so we could get ready to go to bed for church. Thinking about it, still makes me laugh. I did get a great shot of Sam and Mr. Mike (?) (the husband of Sylvia, one of our MOPS mentors) roasting Sam’s first marshmallow.

From October 2011