While going potty after lunch…
Sam: me need to go get a new Sam.
Me: a new Sam? How do you do that?
Sam: me go to the Toyota place. They sell lots of Sams there.

At breakfast this morning…

From November 2011

Sam: Look, Mommy! I am a king! I have a king hat on!

Trying to get out of a nap…
Sam: Mommy, I nap on carpet in living room.
Me: Nooo, carpet is not comfy, you will wake up grumpy.
Sam: Oh ok, then me nap on couch! It make me wake happy.

To the man parked beside our car as we left CVS this morning AFTER Sam just walked out the store while I was waiting on my receipt.
Man: Hey there!
Sam: Hey Mister Mister. Me on a mission!
Me: Sam, don’t leave the store without me ever again.
Sam: It’s ok. Mister Mister saw me. I told him me on a mission!
(I still don’t know what his “mission” was but the man beside us could not stop laughing)