Sam loves music. I mean really loves music. He REALLY LOVES music!

He is constantly singing while walking around/ riding in the car/ playing/ using the bathroom (seriously…)/ or completely other daily tasks. His all-time favorite song has been The B-I-B-L-E but it MIGHT soon be replaced by “I’ve got peace like a river.” Seeing as I have a musical background, this just makes my heart smile. I can’t wait for Sam to get old enough to actually take music lessons. I think he would LOVE to learn the piano and he can do little things on it already- repeat 3 note patterns that we play, for example. For a 3 year old, we think he has great rhythm too. He bobs his head along to the beat, usually, and has really gotten into conducting lately.

He tried to conduct at our Hanging of the Greens service this past Sunday night but I wasn’t able to record it. However, tonight we went to the SEBTS Christmas concert and he was doing it BIG TIME! I did manage to get a video of that one! 🙂 After the concert was over, the man who was sitting behind us commented that he thinks we have a budding conductor on our hands. I would have to agree. Watch the video and see if you would agree too…

This next one is even better…