To some, 2012 for our family probably started off a bit weird. We said goodbye to Sam for almost 2 weeks. He went to Mississippi with my parents and Travis and I went back to NC to pack everything up. With such a rushed timetable, it just worked out best that Sam already be down there. Plus, I don’t see how in the world we could’ve gotten everything done in those 11 days we were in NC if we had Sam with us. There would’ve been many tears and most would’ve been mine. 🙂

While we were packing to leave my grandparents on New Year’s Day, Sam played football with Papa.

From January 2012

From January 2012

From January 2012

Once we all got loaded, we kissed our Samster and told him we would see him in Louisiana. He was perfectly fine with that. He travels great and stays with others well- both things we are very thankful for.

When Travis and I got back home, we called and got a POD reserved. It was delivered 2 days later and made it abundantly clear to us that we were indeed moving and we definitely didn’t have enough space in our POD for everything in our house.

From January 2012

Our house had approximately 1300 square feet downstairs with another 800 in an unfinished 2nd floor, which we used for storage. The POD is 16ft x 8ft x 8ft. YIKES! We had some guys from SEBTS and guys from church come over Saturday morning to help us pack and I am sure they think I am a complete idiot now. I just cried because we had to make so many TOUGH decisions- what went in the POD and what got donated/sold/given away. For example, Sam had ridiculous amount of clothes in storage because I hadn’t sorted through to see what I wanted to keep/sell/give away. In a matter of about an hour, I weeded him down from over 7 storage tubs to 1! Now, all of those clothes will be getting sewn into a quilt so as to preserve the clothes and get them out of storage. I have also seen a cute idea online for displaying baby shoes so I picked out some of my favorite shoes of his and will attempt to do that at a later time as well.

Before we ever even touched the attic, our POD looked like this…

From January 2012

I can definitely say we have jumped on the “simplify” band wagon. I am relieved to know that all of our earthly possessions are now in a POD- other than what fit into our 2 cars. This way, we can slowly “start over” with buying furniture that matches- something, outside of bedroom suites, we’ve never had happen since we’ve been married.

January 11th was probably one of the HARDEST days of our lives. We finished stuffing everything we could into the POD, cleaned the house some (it was rainy and some church friends have offered to go in and clean it for us,) and took Peeper to a foster home. With our move, came the opportunity to leave in LC’s missionary house until ours sold. We didn’t want to bring Peeper into that situation and he was starting to get more mean towards me and would nip at Sam. He never bit Sam and Sam was never afraid of him. The Franklin County Animal Shelter has a foster program and so, until he is adopted he will live with a family who will take care of him and work on some re-training and such. I was the “lucky” one who had to take him to meet his new foster mom. I balled my eyes out the entire way. It was horrible. Then, the lady kept asking if I was “OK” and I kept telling her yes but this was hard. We’ve had him since he was 6 weeks old (he is 6 years old.) She reassured me he would be fine. Earlier that day, I had written a page of notes about Peeper because I knew I would be crying and I didn’t want to forget anything important. She even commented that they had a Jack Russell who has lots of energy so Peeper would definitely have a play mate. That helped me a lot. A couple of days later, we got an email from his foster mom and she said that Peeper loves sleeping with them, he has blanket for during the day, and she quickly figured out that he definitely doesn’t like to go outside in the cold. HA! That email completely put us at peace with the whole Peeper situation. We still haven’t told Sam what happened. Honestly, Sam hasn’t even mentioned Peeper but when he does we have decided to tell him he is living with friends. Because that is what he is doing, even though we don’t “really” know him. They are our friends because they love Peeper too. We will probably get another dog somewhere down the road (read in several years) but this one will be an outside dog- I am vetoing any indoor dogs. My allergies will thank me.

We love you, Peeper, and we still think about you every day. 🙂

From December 2011

So, about 7:30pm on the 11th, we pulled out of Wake Forest. We drove to Travis’ parents’ house that night to spend the night. That was kinda fun because Travis’ phone totally stopped working on him before we ever got out of town. Therefore, we decided that I would follow him and if I needed to stop, I would just pass him and he would follow me. It was a great plan and worked well- we did feel like we were back in the 80’s though. HA HA!!

The next morning, we ate breakfast with Travis’ parents and then went by the Verizon store to check into getting his phone fixed. They couldn’t fix it because it wasn’t a battery issue. Therefore, they gave him a refurb since he will be eligible for a new one in a month. After that was done, we pulled out of Ellenboro. It was about noon by this time. We uneventfully (Praise God!) drove to Tuscaloosa, AL that day and got there about supper time. After supper, we just chilled in our hotel room and watched a show called “Cajun Pawn Stars” on the History Channel. We were quite surprised to find out that the pawn store in this show is actually located in Alexandria- our new “big” city. Too cool!!

After an amazing night’s sleep, we woke up, ate a hotel breakfast (ok, Travis did that- I toted my GF Chex cereal to the lobby with me) and got back on the road. Around 3pm-ish, we arrived in Pineville. We drove to our “new” house and parked the cars and then walked to campus. This is the fun Instagram picture I took of the house…

From January 2012

This house is fairly large. It can sleep 6 comfortably in beds. It has 3 bedrooms and 3 baths and two of those bedrooms are master’s- Sam actually has a bathroom in his bedroom which he thinks is really cool. I didn’t take pictures, and I have no idea why, but I will do that sometime and post them on the blog. I don’t want Sam to forget this house.

So, we got to Pineville on the 13th and on the 14th, my parents arrived with Sam. It was hilarious because we were all excited about seeing Sam and he was more excited about seeing his “new” house. He is really cute telling people he now lives in “Woosyana” and my parents even stopped at the welcome center to get pictures of him with his new state.

From January 2012

Now our little family had been reunited and we were ready to start exploring!!