The Friday after my parents left, Sam and I had a mommy-son fun morning. I discovered that Alexandria has a children’s museum and so we crossed the river to explore this museum. It is called the and is pretty cute. I did confess to Travis that I was having a hard time being impressed with some stuff at our new home because Raleigh had “bigger and better” versions. It is VERY hard to top MARBLES Kids Museum in my opinion. However, since this new museum is only 5 minutes from our house and Marbles is 17 hours, I will learn to be content with what we have been given. 🙂

Sam really seemed to enjoy it. They have a model train display that was built by a group of retired train engineers and they come daily and staff it each morning so they can talk to the kids about trains and such. That was REALLY cool. They even mounted a camera inside one of the engines so you could watch a TV to get a feel for what the engineer sees while he is driving the train. That was also really cool.

I feel horrible for not getting any pictures of the train area. However, it was very hard to get pictures at all because I was chasing Sam around. About 30 minutes after we got there, a 4K class for a nearby school came on a field trip. That was CRAZY! There were little people EVERYWHERE!

Here are a couple of the pictures I did manage to get…

From January 2012

From January 2012

We will definitely go back- it will be a great rainy day get out of the house spot.