We live in Cenla. It isn’t a town. It is an area of Louisiana. It stands for Central Louisiana. We really do love it here. It stills gets all the rain and since it is swampy up here as well, the drainage can be slow at times. We finally had our first big rain last night on into today. When Sam and I went to Alexandria this morning to pick something up, I pulled over and snapped a picture of this drainage ditch. The water in the ditch is normally only about 3 feet wide and not even knee deep. Needless to say, we’ve had some rain…

From February 2012

Thankfully, things do seem to drain a bit faster here than they do in New Orleans. However, according to a friend that works for LSU, that didn’t prevent LSU-Alexandria from having to close today due to some flooding problems in their buildings! Yikes!!

I am beginning to wonder if we need to get Sam’s life jacket out of the POD. 🙂