We FINALLY found story time up here. I mainly kept forgetting to check online since I never could find a library branch. Now that we’ve found two libraries, I know why we never found them- they hide them behind other buildings or put them almost out in the middle of nowhere. Regardless, we now have a story time to go to.

I almost died laughing when we walked into our first one yesterday. This coming Tuesday is Mardi Gras day and so all the books were about Mardi Gras in New Orleans. They were SOOOOO cute! It was neat to listen to the books and know that various streets and landmarks they mentioned. My favorite book was, Mardi Gras Chomp Chomp, and it was about an alligator at the parade.

From February 2012

Unlike the Wake Forest story time that we went to, this one concludes with a craft that is connected to whatever the books were for that day. Therefore, the kiddos made their own Mardi Gras beads! It was so cute! This is what Sam’s look like:

From February 2012

We are already looking forward to next week’s story time!