From February 2012

I must confess- today was a HARD day. It was the first time we went to our new MOPS group and so there was some nervousness there. I enjoyed it but it REALLY made me miss my MOPS group back in Wake Forest. Then, we were running late for meeting Travis and Trey for a quick lunch because immediately following lunch, Travis, Sam and I had to go to the elementary school we are zoned for so that we could have a meeting with the speech therapist and get Sam set up to start speech again. Sam and I got home right around 2pm and he was TIRED. I was certain he would take a nap. Instead, he proceeded to unmake his bed, continuously come out of his room for silly reasons, turn off the iPod that plays music in his room, and whine about all sorts of stuff. It just about drove me crazy. I gave up on the nap idea at 3:30. Then he came into the computer room with me and proceeded to not listen to anything I said and was still fussy/whiny/tired. UGH!

I did manage to register him for Wee Ball (baseball for 3 and 4 year olds) though! That has made us excited! Daddy is especially excited because after supper we went to Academy and Sam now has a itty bitty pair of baseball pants, cleats, and a practice ball. He already has a glove and we aren’t quite sure about what you bat with in Wee Ball so we didn’t do anything in that area. That excitement helped improve my day.

However, the highlight of my day was on the way to supper. Sam had been singing the Zaccheus song all afternoon because apparently that is what they learned about in MOPS today. The only part he would sing though was “going to your house today” and when I asked what he learned at MOPS he would just tell me he learned “everything!” In the car, he started singing it again and so I asked him who Zaccheus was and he told me he was a “wittle man” and I asked if he dug a hole to see Jesus and Sam looked at me like I fell off the turnip truck and then said “No, Mommy, Wack-kee-us climbed the kmart tree!” It was hilarious!! So we started working on helping him say “sycamore” and he can repeat it after us but when he says it on his own, he reverts back to the kmart tree. Too cute!!