I am just re-posting my Facebook status so I can have a blog record of this cute conversation I had with Sam this morning.

Sam and I were in the car listening to The Getty’s Christmas album and they say something about “the darkness” and Sam asks what that is. I tell him they are talking about sin. He asks what that is. I tell him it is when we do bad things that make God sad. He asked how to make God happy. I say to ask Jesus to live in our hearts and help us to do good. He said he didn’t want Jesus to live in his heart. I asked why and he told me he wanted Jesus to live in his belly. Hmm….

Because I feel like I can’t blog without a picture, he is a funny picture of Sam that I made with an app on my iPhone. It was a free app to help promote the new Dr. Seuss movie, “The Lorax.”

From February 2012