Tonight’s wee ball practice was a bit more organized than the chaotic first practice last week. It was still quite funny though. This weekend, we picked Sam up a bat bag so he could carry all of his “gear”- its as big as he is!

From March 2012

At one point, Sam ended up “playing” first base. I just had to take a picture since that is my position. πŸ™‚

From March 2012

I didn’t take a lot of pictures tonight because I was mainly focusing on videos. They “scrimmaged” themselves tonight and so each kid played out in the field and got to bat and run bases twice. It was highly entertaining. At one point, Sam decided he had had enough and he took off across the field towards the cars. I was wearing flip flops and had to kick them off and sprint after him to catch him. It was kind of funny- thankfully, that didn’t get caught on video though. I did do a “fancy” video of the various clips I took tonight. Enjoy!!

Thursday night, he has his first game. Not only is it his first game but his first tournament game! They are having a pre-season wee ball/ tee ball tournament. Um, what?! Really? This should definitely be interesting. He will play on Thursday and Friday night. Travis won’t be able to make Thursday night’s game because he will be traveling to pick up his parents in New Orleans. However, one of my friends from college, KB, will be going with us. Shh… Sam doesn’t know she is going. It is going to be a surprise. He loves KB so he is going to be super excited! I think it is hilarious that Travis works with a girl that I went to college with. (Queue the annoying song… “it’s a small world after all…”)