Yesterday, I took advantage of Travis’ parents being here and went to hear Ron Paul’s speech. It was during nap time so it was extremely nice to just escape for a bit and listen to “adult” talk. Ha Ha! I took along my trusty phone and big camera so that I could blog about the event. It was obvious, he was targeting younger people. He showed up in jeans and a button down shirt without a tie. Honestly, I kind of liked that- he didn’t look like a stuffy politician. He also didn’t have notes, just just kind of “winged it”- which had its ups and downs. He seemed to go off on tangents at times but would always circulate back to what he was saying. I also like how he didn’t seem to use political “jargon” and was easy to understand. I am not a big fan of politics and so I hate listening to one talk and it sound nice and great and then when it is over I am left wondering what exactly they were talking about. Anyway, I made a couple of videos and took several pictures so here they go…

From March 2012

Rabbit trail moment- does anyone think he looks like a cross between Gandalf and Dumbledore in the picture above? I do…

The auditorium was PACKED!

From March 2012

Dr. Ron Paul!

From March 2012

Speaking of “Dr. Ron Paul”- does anyone find it kind of funny that an OB/GYN is running for President? (Can you tell I have random thoughts while trying to listen to political events?)

I think he has some supporters at LC…

From March 2012

(I also think he doesn’t stand a chance… but I am not a political analyst-unless you want to talk about movie look-a-likes and former presidential careers)

One of his platforms is that if elected he wants to celebrate the 100th birthday of the federal reserve system by repealing it. Frankly, I don’t understand how it would work but he seems to think it would. Anyway, the video below is of him talking about the federal reserve…

Since he is an OB/GYN AND was speaking at a conservative Baptist college, he was asked about his view on Personhood. Basically, he said that he believes life begins at conception (YAY!) but, to me (and I cam be completely off base here,) he said that he feels like women should have the right to choose because we live in a free country. I only recorded a SMALL snippet of him talking about Personhood so this is what I got…

Anyway, that is all I have to share about Ron Paul. We did notice that he didn’t seem to arrive to all the pomp and circumstance that Newt Gingrich had- we think he arrived in an unmarked Dodge Durango (which is nothing compared to Newt’s “Newt Bus”.) I enjoyed it- didn’t understand all of it but, I really like that I was able to go.