Today was the first day of Travis’ Spring Break- if you don’t count Good Friday, which I don’t. He would get that day off anyway since he works for a Baptist college.

We “slept in” and got up around 8:30 to cook breakfast. I found a recipe for GF lemon cornmeal pancakes and so I thought I would try them. They were pretty yummy. The texture is different from regular pancakes but these guys were FILLING and delicious.

From April 2012

They got the thumbs up to be made again. WOO HOO!!

After breakfast, we decided to go to the zoo. Yes, we went to the zoo on Saturday but since we have season passes, we can go whenever and it not cost anything- other than our little train tickets. NICE! We had a great time as usual. Here is a collage of the animals we saw…

From April 2012

Here are a couple of those pictures “enlarged”…
First, the HUGE alligator was able to be seen from a window under water. I like this picture because it looks like I was dumb enough to get in the water with the alligator. Thankfully, I had a thick piece of plexiglass between me and the bull gator.

From April 2012

Also, I was like a kid in a candy store with the porcupine. They are never doing anything when we visit but today, one of them kept moving around (but quickly getting in the log when I would get near) and he was “grooming” himself. I finally got a picture where you can see its face…

From April 2012

From April 2012

Man, porcupines STINK!
Here is a video I made of the porcupine…

Again, we found a “new to us” animal. It is crazy to discover all these hiding places in the zoo. 🙂 Here is a scarlet macaw (who was difficult to photograph with my phone because he was super active)…

From April 2012

I also made a video of the scarlet macaw…

We tried to eat lunch at Sam’s favorite little sandwich shop- McAlister’s Deli but they were SWAMPED with people so we ended up at Chick-Fil-A at the nearby mall. It was still good but not anything to write home about.

After nap time, I cooked supper- a Mexican hamburger helper-type meal from scratch. It was delicious. However, for the second time in the last week, I’ve gotten “glutened” by something in our kitchen. I really need to figure out what it is because this is misery. 😦 After supper, we ate some yummy yogurt in town and then walked around Kmart and a grocery store. I thought the walking would help me feel better- and it did for a little while. 😦

When we came home, we played Chutes & Ladders. Since I have gotten glutened, the top of my stomach is rock hard right now. It is crazy. Anyway, I walked into the dining room and told Travis to feel my stomach. He made a comment about it feeling like a six-pack. Sam said he wanted to feel. He pushed on my belly and then said “Wow! It feels like a six pack… of gummies!”

Gee, thanks… 😦

After the game, we played a little “Suess Band” on the iPad. I made a movie of Travis playing it. It is like a kiddy version of guitar hero. It makes me laugh. You can touch different parts of the horn to change its shape/sound and as the colors fall down, you have to touch the corresponding key below to play the song. Check out the video to learn more…

Well, Sam is in bed and I am headed there. Good night!!