From April 2012

With the diagnosis of celiac disease, the convenience of restaurant pizza is now not really possible. Therefore, all the pizzas I’ve eaten since have been homemade. Thankfully, I have FINALLY discovered a dough that doesn’t use yeast and so it doesn’t have to sit and rise for an hour. Now, on Fridays, I have have a pizza from the mixer to the table in 20 minutes- not much longer than a frozen pizza!

On Friday, we drove to Waveland to visit my parents. On the way there, we had to stop by NOBTS for Travis to drop off some paperwork. It was lunchtime so I used an app on my iPhone (“Find Me Gluten Free”) to locate GF restaurants. One of the ones it pulled up was “Mark Twain’s Pizza Landing.” Sometimes, it pulls up restaurants that aren’t “really” GF (like Carabba’s- it says to order pasta dishes w/o pasta… that is no fun) so I checked the company’s website. On their menu it gives you the option of GF dough! Score!!!

When we got there, I asked my waitress how they prevented cross contamination. Here is what she told me…
1. GF dough is stored in a completely separate freezer.
2. I tell them what ingredients I want on the pizza and they bring everything to the table. We “dress” the pizza ourself and then they slide it into the oven. This prevents the chef from touching and/or contaminating the pizza.

We were very impressed! We ordered “The Danno”- a Hawaiian pizza…
Sam enjoyed spreading the sauce. However, we had to be careful because he would try to eat all of the toppings too!

From April 2012

Top: uncooked… Bottom: cooked…

From April 2012


Yesterday, my mom and Sam brought me BACK over to NOLA so that I could meet up with a friend and thus meet up with Travis. We spent the night with Travis’ former boss and so I rode home from NOBTS with Dr. England and Travis met us there. Mom, Sam, and I ran errands yesterday morning and finally made it to Metairie around lunchtime. Therefore, I opted to go back to Mark Twain’s for GF Pizza #2. This time we had ham, zucchini, and tomatoes. It was amazing!! Definitely a combo I will do at our house in the future.

From April 2012

We met the owner and when I was checking out, he gave me a copy of an article from a local magazine. In the article it listed a couple of other restaurants in the area that have GF offerings. One of them is just down the street from Mark Twain’s. I am planning on trying it out tomorrow. I can’t wait! I am absolutely loving having someone ELSE make my pizzas for me right now. Such a nice break!