This past Sunday, Sam and I were able to go to my parents’ church and listen to the Mississippi Baptist Symphony Orchestra. I was SOOOO excited as I love any orchestra. Sam was excited because he loves all things music-related. I took my “good camera” so I could take a couple of pictures and my phone so I could make videos. I fully expected Sam to conduct a few songs while we were there- I wasn’t disappointed.

Here is a picture of the full orchestra during their first song.

From April 2012

Here was Sam during most of the performance…

From April 2012

Here are the videos. Sam REALLY does a lot of conducting in the first video.

This next video is Shine Jesus Shine/ This Little Light of Mine. I recorded it because it made me think of one of my bridesmaids and her family who are on the mission field. (It is the family whose card is shown on the upper right side of my blog)

The concert was AMAZING! I hope they can come back again. The conductor is related to a family in my parents’ church so hopefully they will be able to come back again.