We had fun celebrating Travis’ birthday. His birthday was actually yesterday but because of a VBS meeting at church, we celebrated it tonight. I finally found a GF cornbread mix that all of us love and so for his birthday, I made him his favorite meal- pintos and cornbread. Here is how the birthday boy preferred to eat his…

From May 2012

Then, after supper, it was cake time. He wanted cheesecake and so I found him a special one that was just for him! I stuck the candles in it to show that he is 35 but, I couldn’t find any matches/lighters/etc. anywhere in this house. So, I got high tech and downloaded an app to blow out candles. Yup, there really is an app for that!!

From May 2012

Sam wanted to help SOOO bad so he carried his cake to him and sung Happy Birthday. I made a movie. If you watch the movie, you can see Travis “blowing out his candles” on his phone too. Sam LOVES this app and keeps finding our ages and blowing out our candles. It is hilarious.

Happy Birthday, Travis/Daddy! We love you!