There are two cats that roam around our house. Sam LOVES these cats and always yells for them and plays with them and tries to feed them leaves. They are both VERY friendly. They are also both black and white. One of them is called Blackie because that is what Travis called it and Sam liked it. However, the other one has a skinny black mustache and the first name I could come with was “Hitler” and it has stuck. I bet there haven’t been many little boys who’ve lived in this house that get excited to see a cat and run out yelling “hey Hitler! Come here Hitler!” Oops- I totally didn’t think this cat’s name through. Travis thinks it is hilarious that it is actually a blonde-haired, blue eyed boy that runs out yelling for Hitler. It goes right along with us trying to raise an Arian child (so said the family in the Mexican restaurant a year or so ago.) But, I digress.

One night, we were headed out for a walk and Hitler was on the porch waiting on us. She (big oops- it is a female cat named Hitler) was playing with a lizard and I thought it would be fun to make a movie of it.

Please enjoy!