We like to walk up to campus after supper and let Sam run around. LC has swings spread throughout campus and so Travis and I will claim one and talk while Sam explores. Last night, he didn’t want to run around too much. He wanted to swing with his mommy and daddy.

From May 2012

Then, on the way home, Sam tripped on a section of uneven sidewalk and scraped his knee. He cried all the way home as Travis and I took turns carrying him because he insisted he couldn’t walk. When we got home, Travis carried him to our bathroom so we could clean his knee up. Being the photo crazy mom that I am, I took a picture. 🙂

From May 2012

It looks like he has a toothbrush sticking out of his knee. HA!

Anyway, we got him cleaned up and bandaged. Sam is NOT A FAN of band-aids. He doesn’t like big ones, small ones, plain ones, fun ones, etc. NOT A FAN. Well, he cried even harder as we were trying to put some medicine on his knee and get the band-aid on so he could go to bed. Finally, once it was on he was fine. This morning, he didn’t want us to change his band-aid so he went to church with the same band-aid on. Finally, this afternoon, we convinced him to let us change it. Whew!

I am just hoping it heals quickly so that it doesn’t drag on like one of his other scraped knees did. Although, he was still learning to walk then and so he kept falling on it. 😦