I took Sam to the doctor today. Yesterday, my mom noticed Sam’s eye was a little pink and mentioned that he might have pinkeye. We decided to hold off and getting an appointment until today to see if it was an allergy thing or if it got worse. Well, it was pinker when he woke up this morning so Travis called and got an appointment at our new pediatrician.

From May 2012

When Travis told the nurse eh thought Sam might have pinkeye she asked if one of us would come in and sign him in and the other keep Sam in the car until they were ready for him. They didn’t want him to be in the waiting room since pinkeye is highly contagious. My parents and I took Sam and followed the nurses directions. We did wonder what I was supposed to do if I didn’t have anyone to sit in the car with Sam while I signed him in though. hmm… Well, after about 5-10 minute wait, they called me and Sam and I headed in to see the doc.

Sure enough, he has pinkeye and we now have a prescription to treat it with an antibiotic drop. I am definitely glad it happened now since we leave to go to Memphis tomorrow! Sam always seems to get sick/injured in the days before we are to head somewhere. Crazy!