For Father’s Day, we went to see my parents. Sam is still in NC with Travis’ parents and we have to be in New Orleans tomorrow for the Southern Baptist Convention. We have had a fairly low-key day. We went to church this morning and then hung out at the house for awhile, walked around K-Mart, and then drove down to the beach in Pass Christian to watch some windsurfers.

It was really cool! I want to try to windsurf! Here is a picture I took and a movie I made.

From June 2012

Sorry for the wind noise- it was a bit windy 🙂

After we watched them for a bit, we went to evening church. My parent’s church had a business meeting so Travis and I walked down to the beachfront to sit and talk about how much we love the Bay St Louis, MS area and would LOVE to live there someday. It is quaint, coastal, and beautiful. It is also hot, humid, and bug prone but we won’t talk about those things. 🙂

On Facebook, I’ve had tons of friends posting pictures of their dad. Well, I decided to be “different” (surprise surprise) and post a picture of something that always makes me think of my dad- the American Flag. My dad is a very patriotic man AND knows the rules for flag etiquette (if you ever need to know them) and has always taught me to love the United States and not take my freedoms for granted. He served in the Air Force during the Vietnam War- thankfully, he was stationed mainly in Germany and Guam. I love my dad and I love my country and this just seemed to be an appropriate Father’s Day tribute for my dad. Here is my picture…

From June 2012

While sitting in downtown, I downloaded an app that will stitch together photos for panoramas. I decided to try it out on the coastal part of Bay St Louis. It turned out neat but the shadows majorly affected it. Also, apparently I changed the angle that I was holding the camera and therefore it looks like the flag pole is swaying. Ooops! 🙂

From June 2012

Shortly after “stitching” this picture together we got “the call” that the business meeting was over. We walked back up to the church to finish off Father’s Day by eating with a bunch of friends at Wendy’s- a weekly tradition for my parents.