On Monday morning, we left Ellenboro and drove to Kershaw, SC to visit my grandparents. We hadn’t seen them since Christmas and they were “slightly” excited about Sam coming to visit. The first thing he and my grandpa did was sit on the couch and watch cartoons.

From June 2012

Sam was enthralled because they have the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network and …. all channels we don’t have and so he never watches them. At home, we stick to PBS or “old” cartoons (like She-Ra, Strawberry Shortcake, Veggietales, Transformers, He-Man) that we can stream via Netflix.

One afternoon, he took a nap with Grandmama and that allowed Travis and I to go around town and check out some shops we had never been in. That was nice and relaxing. We also went to Wal-Mart… that was not quite relaxing but Travis didn’t a couple of pairs of shorts. 🙂

The second night we were there, Travis and I cooked dinner. While in Ellenboro, I found this GF cookbook full of yummy recipes. One of them called for using several zucchini. Well, Travis’ cousin, Christy, gave me a bag full of HUGE zucchini from her garden so we decided to try that recipe while at Grandmama and Papa’s. It was supposed to be kind of Mexican-flavored with seasoned ground beef and onions in it. However, we were going for mild so we cut the beef out and just made it plain. It was DELICIOUS!

From June 2012

We also made my favorite homemade mac and cheese. It is made on the stovetop just like store bought but it much more yummy! Sam was quite excited about it. He would eat mac and cheese three days a day,,every day of the week if we would let him. HA! My grandma was telling one of her friends about the yummy supper and told her it was like she had two chefs in her kitchen. That made me laugh. I wouldn’t think of myself that way but could definitely see it with Travis- he is GREAT in the kitchen.

After supper, we went to their town park, Travis and never seen it and so we decided to go and let Sam run around for a bit. Travis got a freak spider bite from a TEENY TEENY red spider as he was getting out of the car. Therefore, he said his neck stung the entire time he was there. Thankfully, he is all better now and never started having foam ooze from his mouth of webs shoot of his palms.

Also, while we were there Grandmama helped me make Sam’s wee ball shirt into a pillow. He wasn’t too happy about it at first but we explained that now he could sleep with it and celebrate his first year of wee ball. He LOVES his pillow now and uses it constantly in the bed.

From June 2012

It was a great visit and we definitely enjoyed catching up with my grandparents and some of their friends.