We concluded our trip by traveling to my parents’ house in Mississippi. Because of family travels, we knew they wouldn’t be able to see Sam again until after he started school so we definitely wanted them to visit for a bit.

Shortly after we arrived, we loaded into my parents’ van and went to a seafood restaurant on the coast in Long Beach, MS. My parents were planning on going there for their anniversary and we were invited to tag along. πŸ™‚ It wasn’t hot and there was a nice breeze so we chose to sit on the balcony. Check out our view!

From June 2012

It was beautiful!

That night, Sam rode with my mom and I to Wal-Mart. On the way there, he kept singing Elvis’ “Hound Dog” song. I managed to record the tail end of it on video.

The next day, Mom, Sam and I went to Crabfest at the big Catholic Church in their county. It is an annual fundraiser and it is HUGE. We picked up some of those nice squishy things you soak in water and then wrap around your neck to stay cool and I picked up a really awesome water color of various buildings from my college alma mater, The University of South Alabama. I love it! I hope to get it framed soon.

From July 2012

Later that day, we took Sam to their splash pad to play. He had a blast and did NOT want to leave when it was time for supper.

From June 2012

For Mommy entertainment, I laid my phone (in its waterproof case) down at a spout just to see what the video would look like of the water landing on it. This is the video I made…

We enjoyed our weekend visit but we were definitely looking forward to getting back to “our” house. After church the next day, we headed home.