Apparently it is cicada season around here. I have never seen this many in my entire life! We are constantly finding empty shells attached to various things a few weeks ago we found a live one walking around that we brought home and then released the next morning. I’ve already blogged about that one.

Last night, we were going out for some frozen yogurt when I noticed a cicada stuck to my tire. The closer I got the more I realized it was actually hatching. We stood there for awhile snapping pictures with our phones and talking to Sam about it. Eventually, Sam got bored with it all and went to the Equinox and played inside. We had decided we wouldn’t take my car so that the cicada could finish doing its “thing.”

From July 2012

A few minutes later it looked like this…

From July 2012

Travis and I were amazed that its wings were so little. Travis was telling me that once they hatch they kind of have to “blow” their wings up. We left him looking like the above picture. When we returned from our FROYO trip (about an hour later)- he looked like this…

From July 2012

Here is a video I made of the process (well, bits and pieces of it at least)…

God’s creation is simply amazing!