Like I mentioned in my previous post, Sam has been attending VBS at the church where he will be attending preschool this fall. We decided to do it as a “practice run” for the school year since he was there for 3 hours every morning- just like he will be for “school.” He loved it and so did I. I was amazed at how much I got done, how much I was just able to relax for a bit, and how much more patience I had with him in the afternoon when he refused to nap. It has been amazing.

Every day he brought home various crafts. However, this is my favorite one…

From July 2012

It is one of those cheap magnetic plastic frames that they decorated by tracing his hand on shrinky dink paper, allowing Sam to color his handprint, shrinking the handprint, and glueing on the frame. They also used a paint marker to decorate with “Sam” and “VBS ’12” and some doodles. They studied about scrolls and how that was used to “carry hope” (the theme was on taking/giving/sharing HOPE with the world) in the form of messages. Apparently, he dressed up as a “scroll reader” (his words) and they took a picture. It makes me smile.