Most of these are Facebook posts that I want to record on the blog for future reference.

Tonight I supper Sam grabbed Travis’ pinky finger:
“Daddy, I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE your pinky!”

Sitting in the open air Jeep at the zoo today Sam asks me to open the rusty glove box:
“Mommy, open that door and let some air in here!”

Sam when I was taking him to VBS last week:
“Mommy, when I go to Bible school this morning you don’t have to get out. If you pull up, I’ll unbuckle, ring the doorbell and go in like a big boy. You can just stay in the car.”

Two weeks ago, Sam and I went to the splash pad and he ran around singing VBS songs at the top of his lungs. It cracked me up.

I made a quick trip to the bank and left Sam with Travis. When I got back, Sam was getting ready for nap time. Here is our conversation:
Me: Hey, buddy
Sam: Hey, Mommy! I missed you. You will be best friend for forever.

When we were driving back from our family trip, Travis drives over a bit of the “hey you are about to drive off the road cracks and thus it makes a noise.
Sam: ha ha! I think the car needs to go poopy!

Also, while driving back from our family trip.:
My 3 year old just read the back of a Skittles package. Geez!

Sam telling me his foot is asleep:
Mommy, my foot is in bed!

Sam called periodically while he was in NC with Mum Gail and Pop Pop Earl. This was how most of the conversations started:
Me: Hello?
Sam: 9-1-1… you better not be calling 9-1-1!
Me: Ha Ha!
Sam: Housekeeping!!

Another phone call with Sam while he was in NC:
Me: Do you have plans this afternoon?
Sam: Yep!
Me: What are you going to do?
Sam: I’m going to go loafing with Pop Pop!