My friend, KB, graciously kept Sam for almost 3 hours yesterday while I went for a “quick” doctor’s appointment. She works in a office full of college students so Sam was thoroughly entertained and I am sure he enjoyed “showing off” too. KB is always telling me how amazed she is at how smart Sam is. It amazes me too- just yesterday at lunch (with KB) he read “Muchas Gracias” and then told us it means “thank you.” I totally didn’t realize that he could read Spanish, too! WOW!

Anyway, KB made a short video of her interviewing Sam and asking him questions. Instead of listening to it a bunch to give you “close captioning”, I will tell you the gist-
KB asks what his daddy does and Sam says he is the “Vice President for Acadamic Prepares (Affairs)”
She asks who the President of LC is and Sam says “my daddy” before responding “Joe Aguillard”
She asks who the President of the US is and Sam says “Obama”
She asks where LC is and Sam says Pineville, LA
He tells her that he won’t say his age because it’s a surprise

I think that is about all of it. If not, just keep watching and I am sure you can figure out what he is saying. He is such a goof!

Thanks, KB, for the great video and huge laugh!!

In other news, I went to the doctor for some foot pain. I was diagnosed with capsulitis in both feel last November. After treatment, it stopped hurting for a bit and then started back right before we moved. I’ve been procrastinating getting it checked out again because “treatment” was for me to wear inserts in tennis shoes and I DESPISE tennis shoes in the summer. Well, I finally decided a couple of weeks ago to make an appointment. It was actually with a podiatrist that is on LC’s campus so it was definitely convenient. Anyway, after x-rays, the capsulitis is gone but, because of where I have my pain, she diagnosed me with neuroma in both feet. The first step in treatment is cortisone shots- in each foot. Hopefully, this will solve the problem and I won’t have to get more needles inserted into the top of my feet. ๐Ÿ™‚ She also verified that I broke my pinky toe two Sundays ago- however, she told me that I treated it properly by buddy taping and that it was healing well. It was just a small crack. So, between my still kind of swollen broken pinky toe and the fact that the cortisone shots make me feel like I have painful golf balls under my feet, I’ve been hobbling around today. It has been lovely. I took Sam to the splash pad this afternoon so I could sit and he could run run run. ๐Ÿ™‚ It worked great!

He ended up in time out (forpurposefully dumping a bag of craisins on the carpet under the dining table and then refusing to clean them up) while I was fixing supper. Not even two minutes after getting into time out, I check on him and see this…

From July 2012

Even though I was a bit frustrated with him, I couldn’t help but smile- and take a picture, of course! ๐Ÿ™‚