We spent this lovely humid morning at the zoo. We thought it was going to rain so we actually rode the train first- usually, that is the LAST thing we do so that Sam has to “earn” his train ride. It was a fun train ride and afterwards, we made a bee-line for Africa. 🙂

On the way, we stopped at the colobus monkey exhibit to see if we could spot the baby. We did!!

From July 2012

You can spot him by finding the white tail hanging from the monkey on the right and then looking up. The white tail belongs to the baby and it is peering over its mom’s arm at me. I also made a video that I will post at the end. In it, you can see the baby very well. You can also watch the mom swing and climb like there isn’t a baby attached to her. It was quite crazy!

Once in Africa, Travis and I said hello to Gunther and Talluca, the African Lions. Sam was “going to Mum Jubie mobile”‘s house- we don’t know where that is. 🙂

From July 2012

We heard the gibbons start “talking” and so we got Sam off the Jeep and started heading toward the Asian section. On the way, we passed a dik-dik (think miniature deer) that wasn’t running around trying to hide. They are very skittish. However, apparently, they will stand still and let you take a picture of them while they are “taking care of business.” 🙂

From July 2012

Just to give you a point of reference, this little dik-dik’s head would come to about the middle of shin if I were down there beside. They are LITTLE!

After we watched the gibbons swing and “talk”, we headed out of the zoo. The cougar was actually moving around so we stopped and said hey to Sabrina. I made a video of her instead of taking a picture because we RARELY see her moving around and so I was a bit excited about that.

The video below is my compilation of the colobus monkey baby, the talking gibbons, and the cougar walking around. Enjoy!