For our anniversary this year, I picked up a PaperJamz Drum Set for Travis. He LOVES beating various rhythms on things and so this has been a huge hit in our house. Well, tonight at Target, we found a PaperJamz guitar on clearance ($7.50) and got one for Sam. He LOVES it. It is able to sync with the computer so you can put your own music on it. I did that and let Sam pick his songs. Here they are:
1- Elvis’ “The Wonder of You”
2- Elvis’ ” Hound Dog”
3- The Getty’s “Hear the Call of the Kingdom”

HA! Such random music FROM A THREE YEAR OLD!! Crazy!

Anyway, here is a picture of them playing the instruments.

From August 2012

Here is a quick video of Sam playing his guitar.

I love my big silly musical boy!