Sam and I left Greer bright and early to start our trek back to LA. We would be spending the night in Meridian but I wanted to try to get there before it got too late. We also had to drive through Tuscaloosa, AL and it was move-in weekend at the U. Of Alabama so I didn’t know how traffic would be. Notice, I never mentioned being worried about Atlanta traffic- after living there for a few months following Katrina, we just know to accept that there will be traffic and then you aren’t disappointed. Thankfully, there wasn’t any traffic and we breezed right through the city! WOO HOO!

Our first stop on this trip was the Georgia welcome center. I had to get a new picture of Sam with the UGA Dawg.

From August 2012

Look how much he has grown since his last pic with the Dawg in Novemeber, 2008.

From Sam November Pics

The rest of our trip was uneventful and we finally made it home!! Yay!