I took Sam to the TREEHouse Children’s Museum today. He had been asking to go for awhile and today was a great day to do it. He LOVES going there and it is super convenient (and cheap)!

The first thing he did was get dressed up. He was a huge fan of the Sonic work shirt.

From August 2012

He then put a dress on top of his Sonic shirt and played with the magnetic nuts and bolts.

From August 2012

After some more silly playing, we ate lunch and took naps. Then it was time for band practice!

This time, the band director (“Mr. Andrew”) invited Sam to come up front and stand under the drum major’s stand. Sam was BEYOND excited about getting to do that!

From August 2012

He finally figured out he could perch on the support beams under the stand.

From August 2012

Being the little wannabe Maestro that he is, he also “helped” conduct a few songs. It was so cute! I made a video- obviously, you will have to look closely because I was across the parking lot from him.

It was a great day full of fun!