My grandfather is in the process of dying and I will post about that later. Therefore, that has thrown a monkey wrench in our ideal plans for sharing the news. I created a “Grandparents Day” card to relay the message. Sadly, we had to break the news via phone calls so that we would know that Papa would know. Thankfully, he was fully aware of the news and was very excited to find out Sam would be a big brother. I kept debating sharing because I would go back and forth between thinking that he would be sad because he would realize he wouldn’t get to meet his newest great-grand and so I should “save” him the heartache by just not telling him. However, I didn’t want him to die and me feel like I kept a secret from him. It was very difficult for me to process. I still mailed the cards though and this is what they looked like.

From September 2012

I think they turned out well. Now, we just have to wait and see if it will be a sister or brother. We still haven’t told Sam though, so if you see him and you are “in the know”…shh!!! 🙂