So, we got a contract on our NC house back in June while we were at the Southern Baptist Convention. However, the buyer went through the 100% financing program through the USDA so we’ve been waiting on the government to release the money so that we could close. It has taken forever! We FINALLY closed this past Friday and shortly thereafter, Travis and I rented a 3 bedroom apartment across the river from Pineville in Alexandria. This apartment is old but will be the largest place we’ve ever lived. It is two floors, which I am not too excited about with a baby on the way but, we just don’t feel like God is telling us to buy a house right now.

When we got back from Cruisin’ the Coast, we dropped by our new “home” and noticed a “welcome home” gift. How sweet!

From October 2012

Now for my “favorite” feature of the apartment- the stove!!

From October 2012

Please note I was being sarcastic about the stove being my favorite feature. Sam is old enough to understand that he is not to push the buttons. However, I dread the day that #2 can push buttons. Hopefully, we won’t be living in this apartment by then though. 🙂