When we lived in NC, I pinned together the makings of some reusable “paper” towels. I wanted to switch because we go through paper towels at a crazy rate and thought that homemade/washable ones would bring the money savings that cloth diapers did. However, I never could get my sewing machine threaded correctly or figure out a place where I could sew and the table either not bounce around like crazy or that I could actually reach the pedal on the floor. Therefore, they’ve just sat in my craft supplies, pinned, for at least 2 years. Oops! 😦

For Christmas, I am getting a sewing machine. Travis and I bought it earlier this week and have been trying it out and making Christmas gifts on it ever since. Well, today, while I napped, Travis decided to finally sew my paper towels together. They each have a different border stitching because he was experimenting but we are very pleased with how they turned out…

From December 2012

They are flannel on one side and terry cloth on the other. We’ve already used one on a spill and it was very absorbent. I have folded them in half and placed them in my yellow muffin basket and have them sitting on our kitchen counter under the real paper towel dispenser. Now, I just have to get used to grabbing them instead of grabbing a paper one. 🙂

Thanks, Travis! You’re the best!