There is no hiding that fact that Travis and I are big “Lord of the Rings” fans. (Um, Samwise is part of the reason why our son is named Sam… that and Samuel from the Bible, of course)

So, one of the first things we did upon arrival in Ellenboro is utilize the babysitters, I mean, grandparents, and go see “The Hobbit” in theater. We decided to make a morning of it and so we started by going to Denny’s and eating a Hobbit breakfast.

From December 2012

They were having Hobbit themed breakfasts and if you ordered one, you got two packs of collector cards (think baseball cards.) It was kind of funny but the coupons in the packs were quite nice- free drinks and 20% off meals were the main ones we got.

From December 2012

After breakfast, we headed to the theater. The movie was great! I am already looking forward to part 2 coming out- I think it is supposed to be out around Christmas next year. I guess that means we will be looking for babysitters again…