I love Pinterest! I love the ability to find directions on how to make things that will be very useful once Gabrielle shows up.

I plan on breastfeeding her. I feel like since I successfully nursed Sam for 13 months, I can definitely nurse her, barring any kind of medical conditions. I had to pump exclusively for the first 3 months of Sam’s life so his tongue could heal from his frenulum being snipped and so he could learn how to latch. That. Was. Hard. So, I survived (through sheer stubbornness) and therefore, plan to do it again. I don’t fault people who use formula because that is a decision every mom has to make. However, I do feel like breast milk is the best milk for a baby.

When I nursed Sam, he was a wiggle worm and would pull and tug on my nursing cover and so I had to keep fighting him when I nursed in public so that I wouldn’t expose myself. 🙂 Well, after perusing Pinterest I found directions on how to make a nursing cover that goes completely around you- and has boning! It was a simple project that I finished today and am very excited about using once Gabrielle shows up.

From January 2013