We have the twin bed in the nursery because Sam has taken over the guest room furniture (full size bed) and I didn’t want to buy a comforter for it because I want to see what Gabrielle’s interests are going to be before going that route. So, I researched on Pinterest again and found directions on how to make a duvet cover using twin flat sheets! I made the duvet, stuffed Sam’s old comforter in it and then proceeded to fully make the bed.

From January 2013

I love that it is reversible. I love that one side is a dark pink. If Gabrielle turns out to be a pink girl then I can flip the comforter and use that side until officially redoing her bed. Plus, it the duvet will always match the fitted sheets because I will just swap out the ones used to make the duvet. (I hope that makes sense.) Since it is a duvet, I don’t feel there is a need for a flat sheet, I can just slide the comforter out and throw the duvet part in the washer with the rest of the sheets! Easy! Peasy!!