So, in the seemingly never-ending project of decorating the nursery with the same stuff only different, I finally have the crib skirt finished. In the process of moving from NC to LA, I lost the crib skirt that matched the curtains (green gingham) so I went to Hobby Lobby and found a solid green fabric that would coordinate well and sewed a crib skirt. Thanks to Pinterest, I hacked one together. All I did was measure and sew basic panels and then we “cheated” by taping them to a piece of wood laying on the springs that will support the mattress. We also taped the pennant that used to hang on the curtains to the wood so that they will hang down the side of the skirt. I like it. The only downside is that when we have to lower the mattress, we will have to re-tape the skirt or it will pool on the floor.

From February 2013