Since I “supposedly” failed the gestational diabetes test, my doc makes me come in at 8:30 and get a fasting blood sugar reading. Then, I am supposed to eat a 60g carb breakfast and have my blood drawn again 2 hours after I finish breakfast. Since I have celiac and don’t feel comfortable risking getting glutened at each appointment, I bring my own breakfast.

From February 2013

Thankfully, I really like this breakfast. My doctor thinks its funny that I bring my own breakfast- he sees me eating it when he comes upstairs from checking on his laboring patients.

I don’t like the fact that my doctor’s visits from here on out lasting 3 hours (from first blood draw to the results of the last blood draw) but, I LOVE that my doc only wants to check it at appointments- not 4 times a day and keep a log. Whew!