We’ve decided to use a video monitor with Gabrielle. I am excited about it because I can have a program open on my computer downstairs and “see” her to make sure she is OK. Our apartment seems to be fairly well insulated and sounds don’t seem to travel from one floor to the other very well.

There are GOBS of video monitors marketed as baby monitors and because of that marketing, they are quite expensive. We actually got a $70 (at the time) security camera off Amazon for ours. It even has apps for the iMac and the iPhone/iPad! We can set it up to show a feed online but that is a bit weird so we have it set up so that it can only be viewed if you are logged into our wireless network. It took a bit of work to get it set up but between the two of us, we did it!!

This afternoon, while Sam slept, Travis and I hung out in Gabrielle’s room working on adjusting the monitor and getting some of Sam’s clothes ready for an upcoming children’s consignment sale. I decided to take a picture of what the feed looked like on the iPad (that I am seen in the picture playing with.)

From March 2013

Right now, we are still testing and figuring out placement of the camera. It was on the dresser during this shot but our dresser isn’t tall enough to see into the crib so it would defeat the purpose. Therefore, we are thinking that we will probably mount it on the wall at some point. The problem is that there are so few wall outlets in her room that it somewhat limits locations.