Since I went to a Catholic elementary school until 5th grade, I have always been fascinated with some of the “things” the Catholic Church does. One of those “things” is the election of a new Pope. Since Pope Benedict II has decided to retire from being the Pope, they’ve had to have a Papal Conclave and elect a new Pope. No one knows when it happens until they have reached a consensus and apparently the cards causes white smoke to come from a “chimney.” In this day of Internet-connectivity, various news stations were live streaming the chimney awaiting the signal that the new Pope had been elected. I cracked up because this pigeon REALLY loved the chimney and stayed there for quite awhile.

From March 2013

Also, I was running errands and ran across a vehicle with a license plate that cracked me up-

From March 2013

Since the picture isn’t super clear, the license plate says NKOTB. I LOVED New Kids on the Block when I was younger and so this license plate made me smile. In fact, since our bedroom suite is mine from childhood, I still have a sticker of Donnie Wahlberg on my dresser mirror.