Ok, really, he helped changed the diaper. He has been begging to help and I finally let him today.

He snapped her onesie back together…

From April 2013

and disposed of her wet diaper!

From April 2013

When asked if he wanted to help, he yelled “YES YES but wait a minute! I have to get my gloves!!” HA HA! So he helped with the diaper change while wearing some Lightning McQueen gardening gloves. Too funny!!

Also, while changing her, he realized the different between boys and girls. I think it embarrassed Travis. He has not been wanting him to help. However, since I will be by myself with the two of them this summer, I know that I can’t keep Sam away during diaper changes. He just wants to help too much. I am not complaining either. Well, tonight he asked me, “Mommy, where is her little guy?” I almost died laughing. Thankfully, I was able to explain that God made boys and girls differently and that girls don’t have “little guys.” Hilarious!!