My mom has been sleeping in Gabrielle’s room at night. When she came to get me so that I could nurse, she told me I needed to check out her eyes. Look at this…

From April 2013

It looks like we squirted mustard in her eyes!

From April 2013

Needless to say, I was thankful that Gabrielle already had a doctor’s appointment today!

Come to find out, both of her tear ducts are clogged and so her eyes have an infection. We were given a prescription for an antibiotic eye drop. With our insurance, prescriptions count towards the deductible and once the deductible has been met, everything is covered 100%. I fully expected to have to pay for Gabrielle’s drops because I didn’t think she would already be listed on the insurance. Thankfully she was- her drops would’ve cost $160!! Yikes!!

From April 2013

Now let’s pray this clears it up and her ducts open. If they don’t open by 9 months, we will have to see an ophthalmologist who can stick a teeny needle in to unclog. I just pray we don’t have to do that. The thought of a needle near my baby’s eyes makes me nervous.