We have had a fun family day. For lunch, we decided to eat at Pei Wei- YUMMY! While there, Sam ate his lunch with chopsticks. He is such a talented little fella. Watch the video below to see him in action.

Then, tonight we attempted to go play putt putt. However, it was a cash only locale and we didn’t have enough cash for the 3 of us to play. Bummer! Travis did have enough cash for he and Sam to ride go-carts. You have to be 36″ to be a passenger in a go-cart and our 2 year old is easily that tall! In our very rough estimation at Target tonight (they have a ruler on the side of a clothes rack to show you what size your child would wear depending on their height,) Sam measured 40″! He really is our little giant! He loved riding the go-cart. Travis taught him to say “Whee!” and so once we got in the car to head to our next stop, he just kept saying “Momma, Whee!!” It was too cute!

I will apologize now if I sound nasal-y in any of the above videos- I have a sinus infection. I love that the warm weather is here for a bit but the switching back and forth between warm and cold is creating havoc in my sinus cavities!